Rabbi Mendy Piekarski

Rabbi Mendy Piekarski has been studying Talmud, Jewish mysticism, and Kabbalah for over 10 years, after which he went on to receive his Rabbinic degree from Rabbi Yaruslavsky (the top halachic authority for Chabad in Israel).

He also received a degree in advanced contemporary halachah from Rabbi Faitel Levin (Australia's most sought-after lecturer on Halachic issues), as well as became certified by Rabbi David Lau (Chief Rabbi of Israel) and Rabbi Ulman (top halachic authority in Sydney, Australia) to perform Jewish wedding ceremonies.

He has studied Jewish Mysticism under the personal guidance of Rabbi Manis Friedman (Youtube's most popular Rabbi) and Rabbi Simon Jacobson (Spiritual leader of The Meaningful Life Center, called a “Spiritual Starbucks” by the New York Times.)

Rabbi Mendy Piekarski has taught Jewish mysticism at Yeshiva University (in Manhattan) and various high schools in Chicago, Monsey, and Brooklyn. As well, he has given Torah classes on chabad.org (the most visited Jewish website with over 50 million views annually) and the WSNR and WVIP Radio stations.

Recently he started writing for "The Canyon Chronicle", and has a Column titled "Soul & Coffee".

He is a certified instructor by the Jewish Learning Institute to teach their courses in Topanga.

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Here's what the community has to say about his classes:

"It was an all around enlightening and joyous series—each class a separate unit, and yet part of the overall theme.  Excellent syllabus.  Lots of laughs and discussion.  I learned so much.  Enjoyed the group participation.  Rabbi Piekarski kept things moving, is very respectful of other people's points of view, taught in simple ordinary terms, used examples and stories that made everything clear, made sure we all understood each step of the way, and was just a fun guy to be with." - J. F.

"I enjoyed learning techniques to reframe everyday activities in a way that emphasizes their inherent spirituality. Connecting to G‑d is something achievable at any moment, and the course taught techniques and concepts in order to achieve this goal." - J.W.

“Mitzvahs are Hashem’s love language” has been echoing in my head and heart all week ❤️ thank you for that." - D. G

"Thank you so much Mendy, for your wonderful class" - R. M.

"Thank you so much Mendy!! This class has given me so much to think about, and so much to Google about when I'm up late... I'm really enjoying it, can't wait to see you guys again and discuss it more, both online and in person!" - E. W.

"I learned so much.  To the point that I've been re-reading the books to take in the material we had to skip over.  You are so knowledgeable, yet humble enough to say "I don't know the answer to that".  I notice that you have the respect of everyone in the class. You move things along seamlessly, while acknowledging the value each person's comments and questions bring to the session.  You yourself seem excited to make the meeting a great experience for us.  Everyone seemed really engaged and hanging on what was coming next.I thought the whole course was terrific, and have no criticisms at all." - J. F.

"I enjoyed the discussion on what happens after death, from the Jewish perspective.  I think that most people are interested in this type of discussion because we will all experience death and most of us have experienced the loss of a loved one to death.  So, we’re all wondering… I also liked the discussion on dreams.  We all have them.  Good to talk about them and learn from others!. .. I like the way you encourage participation by asking the students to read the text aloud and to ask questions.  I very much enjoyed the discussions." - A. K.

"You did a wonderful job presenting the facts and interpretations, while listening to all the participants' views and perspectives even when they went far afield. The materials (book and videos) were lively and tied important Jewish concepts and values to daily life and the challenges we face." - A. H.

 "I liked the course. I found it interesting and thought provoking." - G. E.

"I loved loved loved our lessons! I did think you were smarter than the text from the other source. But that’s a compliment because I felt you were speaking in a much more authentic and intelligent voice, but I understand the pre-ordered texts served their purpose. I also love how you included everyone in our lessons: having everyone read from the book, as well as welcoming all questions." - J. R.

"The "Read It In Hebrew" class, conducted by Rabbi Mendy Piekarski, was an absolute joy. He removed the mystery and set me on the path to an understanding of G‑d's language, the oldest language in the world. Rabbi Mendy encouraged us at every moment—I personally did not want the class to end, and will look forward to continuing my studies. Thank you, Rabbi Mendy. This class has made me feel that my brain has been fed and watered." - S. F.

"I shared the Rebbe's wisdom about productivity, mission and faith with a friend who was just diagnosed with cancer.  She was especially interested in finding purpose in the face of her challenge.  It is a blessing to connect and share." - A. H.


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