Rabbi Mendy Piekarski


Hey, its nice to meet you.

I wonder what we have in common?
Well, If you're like me, you probably desire a life filled with happiness and free from stress... wouldn't that be great?

However, life often throws obstacles our way— wether its work stress, financial concerns, relationship challenges, health issues, or simply the uncertainty of the future. 

Are you tired of these roadblocks hindering your happiness? I know I am.

Here is what I think:

I believe the secret lies in letting go.

Nothing in my life has to change. I just need to let go of my perspective.

Let me explain myself; I really don't need to stress and make sure that everything in my life is under control.

There ALREADY is a higher power who has my life under control. 

I don't need to worry about planning every detail in my life. My life is ALREADY planned.

You see, we can't change circumstances in our lives, but we can change our perspective.


If you think I'm on to something,

 - Or, if you think I brought up more questions than answers,

 - Or you are thinking to yourself "easier said, than done",

let's have a conversation and explore the path to a "life filled with TRUE happiness" together.


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